SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra – Twice the Sensitivity

Prevent Damage to Processing Equipment and Costly Downtime.

SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra

Advanced Detection Systems’ SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra provides enhanced sensitivity levels in a heavy duty package designed for demanding applications. The Protector HD Ultra is used when an extra level of metal detection performance is required to defend processing equipment, detect fire hazards (such as lithium batteries), and ensure product purity. Each Protector HD Ultra is built to your application specifications and sized to meet your specific needs.

  • Detection levels up to 2X better than a standard Protector HD
  • Heavy Duty steel construction with NEMA 4 electronics enclosures for long term reliability
  • Removable end plate for easy installation. No need to cut or remove a splice from your belt to install the detector
  • Touchscreen controls make setting up and adjusting the detector quick and intuitive. Users can adjust the detector to ignore smaller non-damaging metals while large contaminants are detected for removal
  • AccuLearn Technology learns your product’s characteristics and automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity settings based on those characteristics; without any extra input from the operator
  • Adjustable RF protection ensures reliable performance in the presence of radiated noise and power fluctuations
  • Programable contacts for full PLC integration and reject device control

SurroundScan Core Technologies

Acculearn Learn Technology
Setting up products with Acculearn is easy and efficient. In as few as 1-2 passes, the metal detector will learn your product’s signature, allowing clean product to pass through while accurately identifying and rejecting products that have metal contamination.

Product Monitor
See the real-time signal values for your product and the metal contaminants that must be detected, as they pass through the detector.

Patented Auto Balance
Advanced Detection Systems’ auto-balance software maintains perfect coil balance and optimum performance, eliminating the cost of a service technician plant visit to re-balance and calibrate the metal detector.

Enhanced Detection Levels

Lithium batteries are small contaminants that can create big problems for companies that shred or bale products like paper, corrugated, and plastic. If a lithium battery is ruptured, crushed, or bent it can result in the instant discharge of all of the energy stored in the battery; a fire or explosion. If a lithium battery is crushed in a plastic or paper bale it can cause the material surrounding it to combust.

The Protector HD Ultra was designed to proactively detect small items like lithium batteries before they reach your baler or shredder; eliminating the fire risk completely.

Advanced Detection Systems Products & Mounts

Below are the line of products and mounts we offer and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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