ProScan Max® III

ProScan Max® III is our state of the art metal detector rated IP69K, offering optimum sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products

Advanced Detection Systems ProScan Max® III
  • Monitors interference attributed to vibration and automatically compensates for its effect, thus defending the ProScan Max®’s reliability without reducing detection levels
  • Enhanced power supply defends the metal detector’s performance and reliability in spite of electrical power line spikes and dips
  • State of the art sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products
  • Networking allows central point collection of data and detection operation
  • AccuLearn Technology product characteristic assessment - for rapid product set-up and changeover
  • Product Monitor allows quick check of product characteristics to monitor products
  • Data logger makes metal detection logs accessible from PC
  • Auto-balance technology keeps the transmit and receive coils balanced indefinitely, eliminating the need for calibration service
  • Three level password protection for additional security
  • Adjustable RF protection blocks interference from radiated noise
  • Touchscreen operation with intuitive menus
  • IP69K rated wash down construction for high pressure and extreme temperature wash down conditions

The ProScan Max® III is built to your application specifications and sized to meet your specific needs. Get the best detection results in wet, dry and conductive products by calling us today at 414-672-0553!

The ProScan Max® III is installed with our ProScan Core Technology Software

ProScan Core Technologies

Core Technologies Focused on Today’s Stringent Food Safety Regulations

AccuLearn Technology
Setting up products with the AccuLearn Technology is easy and efficient.  In as few as 1-2 passes, the metal detector will learn your product’s signature, allowing clean product to pass through while accurately identifying and rejecting products that have metal contamination.

Patented Vibration Technology
ProScan vibration technology monitors interference created by vibration and automatically compensates for the effect, thus enhancing reliability and sensitivity.

Patented Auto Balance
Advanced Detection Systems’ auto-balance software maintains perfect coil balance and optimum performance, eliminating the cost of a service technician plant visit to re-balance the metal detector.

Advanced Detection Systems’ wash down enclosure design is the best in the industry!

Our ProScan Max® III is rated IP69K for sealing of the electronics and extreme wash down conditions. We designed the ProScan series to withstand high pressure wash down environments. The ProScan® Max III is preferred by food processors because it prevents water from getting into the coil, which is encapsulated with waterproof material. Stainless steel housing is embedded into PVC at a 90° angle – unlike other detectors where water can seep through a vertical seam – resulting in costly repairs. The welded construction and stainless steel components are designed to provide many years of reliable performance. The seams are sealed under pressure using extra mounting bolts. The sealant acts as a pressurized gasket to form a superior seal against harmful water ingression. The control panel door is sealed to specifications and has an impact resistant touch screen cover. The metal detector can withstand close range wash downs at an average rate of four gallons per minute with water pressures between 1160 – 1450 psi and at a temperature of 176°F.

ProScan Max® III Wash Down Construction Features:

IP69K Wash Down Definition:
IP= Ingress Protection (the degree of protection provided by the electrical enclosures)
6= Dust Tight
9K= High Pressure/High Temp Spray Down

ProScan Max® III Reject Devices and Optional Accessories

Advanced Detection Systems’ engineers are experts in metal detection. We manufacture superior reject devices and accessories to meet your application requirements. Any reject device and accessory can be customized or designed to your specific needs.

Reject devices are used to allow the customer to remove contaminated product and most times still maintain normal product flow without halting production. The use of a reject device also allows the company to avoid relying on the employee to remove the contaminated product from the line.

Having a reject device for your ProScan Max® III is important. The reject device will prevent contamination, protect your customers, provide a stellar reputation of your product (brand name) and protect your profits. The product or the package of the product will determine which type of reject would be best for the application.

How to determine which reject device is appropriate for you?

The ProScan Max® III has a variety of reject devices. Most reject devices are shown on the ProScan Conveyor System page.

Advanced Detection Systems offers accessories that can be incorporated into the existing metal detection system as needed to meet your specific needs. Our accessories are beneficial in many ways: accessories protect the product stream, ensure employee safety and optimize operation in extreme temperatures.

Optional Accessories

External Remote Control Cabinet – The external remote control cabinet is used when the detection system is placed in a difficult to read position in your production stream.

External Remote Cabinet

Touchscreen Cabinet Heater – Metal detectors used in environments below 40⁰F should be equipped with a Cabinet Heater to reduce condensation buildup and prevent the LCD screen from becoming lethargic or difficult to read in cold temperatures. The Cabinet Heater has a built in thermostat to regulate temperature.

Touchscreen Cabinet Heater

Web-Enabled Touchscreen – The Web-Enabled Touchscreen allows the metal detector to be connected to a local network. The detector can be monitored and controlled remotely from any device with an internet browser (your device must be connected to the same network as the metal detector). The Web-Enabled Touchscreen makes data collection easier by allowing the data-log files to be downloaded directly to a computer. The ability to monitor, control and review data with the Web-Enabled Touchscreen requires no additional proprietary software.

Web-Enabled Touchscreen

Reliable and Consistent Metal Detection

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