ProScan™ Max-III

Advanced Detection Systems Products: ProScan™ Max-III

ProScan™ Max-III State of the art metal detector offering optimum sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products digital signal processing functions.

Advanced Detection Systems ProScan™ Max-III
  • ProScan™ Max-III– Monitors noise attributed to vibration and automatically compensates for the effect, thus enhancing the ProScan™’s performance.
  • ProScan™ Max-III – Enhanced power supply improves performance & system reliability
  • State of the art sensitivity in wet, dry and conductive products.
  • Networking – allows central point collection of data and metal detector operation.
  • “Accu-Learn”  product learn -  for quick product set-up and changeover.  
  • Product tracking -  compensates for running changes in product moisture and temperature.
  • Product monitor – allows quick check of product characteristics.
  • Data logger – metal detector events log can be accessed from a PC.
  • Auto balance –eliminates the need for re-balance service.
  • Three-level password protection for additional security.
  • Noise protection software – helps block interference from radiated noise.
  • Touch screen operation with intuitive keypad driven menus.
  • IP69K rated,  high pressure high temperature washdown construction.

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