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Product Sheets

ProScan Max III
ProScan Conveyor System – Washdown
ProScan Conveyor System – Packaged
ProScan Conveyor System – Reject Devices
ProScan Gravity Drop System
ProScan Pipeline System
SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra
SurroundScan Protector HD – Aggregate
SurroundScan Protector HD – Industrial
SurroundScan Protector LP – Aggregate
SurroundScan Protector LP – Industrial
SurroundScan Defender III

ProScan Series

Conveyor Systems for Packaged, Dry Applications Flyer
Conveyor Systems for Washdown Applications Flyer
Conveyor Systems Flyer
Gravity Systems Flyer
IP69K Rated Washdown Features Infographic
Pipeline Systems Flyer
ProScan Series Brochure
ProScan Features & Benefits

SurroundScan Series

Metal Detection for Aggregate & Mining
Metal Detection for Recycling & Plastic Regrind
SurroundScan Series Feature & Benefits
SurroundScan Defender III Feature & Benefits
SurroundScan Defender III Industrial Applications Flyer
Industrial Applications Metal Detection Flyer
SurroundScan Protector LP Aggregate/Mining Flyer
SurroundScan Protector LP Plastics Regrind Flyer
SurroundScan Protector LP Wood Processing Flyer
SurroundScan Protector HD Plastics Regrind/Recycling Flyer
SurroundScan Protector HD Wood Processing/Organic Processing Flyer
SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra Enhanced Detection Levels Flyer


Test Wands and Related Products Flyer

Features & Benefits and Product Spotlights

ProScan Max® III F&B
ProScan Max® III Spotlight
ProScan Pipeline Spotlight
ProScan Conveyor System for Packaged, Dry Applications Spotlight
SurroundScan Protector LP Spotlight
SurroundScan Protector LP F&B
SurroundScan Protector HD Spotlight Aggregate/Mining
SurroundScan Protector HD Spotlight Plastics Regrind & Recycle
SurroundScan Protector HD Spotlight Wood Processing and Organic Recycle
SurroundScan Protector HD F&B with System Configuration
SurroundScan Protector HD Ultra Spotlight

Why Buy ADS?

Why Buy Advanced Detection Systems Metal Detectors
Why Buy ProScan Systems
Why Buy ProScan Max® III
Why Buy SurroundScan Protector HD
Why Product Test Prior to Purchasing

Asked & Answered

Meat & Poultry Q&A

Case Studies

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crust
Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Ortho-Molecular Products Inc.
Whey’s Foods

Customer Testimonials

Blake’s All Natural
Lobster Application
Malone’s Fine Sausage
Montchevre-Betin, Inc.
Seymour Dairy

White Papers

Defining Product Effect
Metal Detector Troubleshooting Guide
Metal Detector Guide
Metal Free Zone Infographic
Sizing Your Protector HD Metal Detector
The True Need for Metal Detection
Touchscreen Cabinet Heater Accessoryy Infographic
What is Sensitivity- Metal Detector
When Magnets Aren’t Enough
Validation, Verification and Calibration Differences

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