ProScan™ Configurations

Advanced Detection Systems Products: ProScan™ Configurations



Conveyor Configuration


Advanced Detection Systems ProScan™ conveyors are welded stainless steel construction designed specifically for ProScan™ metal detection use in packaged, bottled and bulk products. ProScan™ conveyors are built for your specific application and incorporate the appropriate reject device as well as detection & validation audio/visual signals. ProScan™ conveyors are NEMA X designed to withstand the rigors of washdown environments.

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Gravity Drop

Gravity Drop

Advanced Detection systems gravity drop units are designed for gravity fed metal detection of bulk powders and grains. The systems are built to accommodate a wide range of thru-put requirements and can be built to incorporate automatic in-line reject devices. Gravity drop metal detection systems are available as part of a floor standing system or with a support frame for elevated systems.

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Pipeline Mount


Advanced Detection systems pipeline units are designed for pumped or gravity fed viscous liquids, sauces and ground meat. The systems are designed to be used in a variety of production configurations and components are designed to handle a range of product temperature and pressure. Systems are built for your specific application to include timed 3-way valve reject diverters and can be deployed as floor standing or elevated systems.

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