ProScan Max II

Immediate Release
September 12, 2011

Advanced Detection Systems releases its ProScan MaxII metal detector with enhanced power supply technology and product effect compensation in continuous product flow applications

(Milwaukee)-Advanced Detection Systems is pleased to announce its new ProScan MaxII metal detection technology. Working in real time, the ProScan MaxII technology continually monitors incoming power and compensates for conditions that adversely effect metal detection performance. Typically, metal detectors require a secondary power conditioning instrument to “clean” the incoming power. With the ProScan MaxII design, incoming power concerns are practically eliminated, offering food processors enormous savings over purchasing expensive power conditioners for their operation. 

With its patented technology, the ProScan MaxII is designed to detect for all types of metals and offers outstanding sensitivity results capable of finding smaller contaminates than older metal detectors.  “With its enhanced power supply and Acculearn continuous product monitoring technology, the ProScan MaxII metal detector has taken metal detection reliability to a new level of performance” explained Wayne Eide, Marketing Manager for Advanced Detection Systems. The ProScan MaxII metal detector solves two major concerns that food processors face; poor incoming power conditions and inspecting reliably in continuous product flows applications. “With the ProScan MaxII technology, food processors can achieve better sensitivity and less cost outlay when installing a metal detector”, Wayne explained further.  

Additional features with the ProScan MaxII  Metal Detector is an easy to use touch screen, 1-2 pass product set up, auto calibration, USB data down load, Ethernet and optional remote diagnostics capability. 

The ProScan MaxII metal detector is custom manufactured by Advanced Detection Systems in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and incorporates patented proprietary technology in its electronics. It has an all welded, rugged conveyor construction and its wash-down design is the best in the industry and preferred by food processors. 

Advanced Detection Systems offers custom metal detection solutions, system upgrades, free product testing, technical training classes, experienced and responsive field service, service contracts and compliance audits.

Advanced Detection Systems will display the ProScan MaxII system at PackExpo in Las Vegas, NV September 26-28, 2011.



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