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Performance Validation and Annual Certification Programs from Advanced Detection Systems

Validating the performance of your metal detector is critical to conforming to safety standards.  Whether you have an Advanced Detection Systems metal detector or another model, our team of knowledgeable service technicians can thoroughly inspect your system and either confirm that everything is running properly, or indicate any problems.  You will receive a certification document along with a permanent label to place on the machine to indicate the inspection date with a reminder of when the next inspection is due.
We can certify any make or model metal detector!
Certification Services available by Certified Advanced Detection Systems Reps.

Are you facing, or have you recieved a reduced audit score because of metal detection deficiencies? Contact Advanced Detection Systems today for expert advice on developing, implementing, or revising your HAACP policy to satisfy an audit requirement. Click on the links below to download PDF documents pertaining to metal detection from governmental and food safety organizations.

FDA Guidelines for Metal Detection implementation and use - PDF, 1.9Mb - Excerpted from the US Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Booklet.

SQF Guidelines for Metal Detection Policy and Procedures - PDF, 2.1Mb - Safety Quality Food Institute - A HAACP Based Supplier Assurance Code for Food Safety.

BRC Regulations Pertaining to Metal Detection - PDF, 231k - Excerpted from F037A BRC Global Self Assessment Tool for Food Safety, Issue 7.2

BRC Global Self Assessment Tool for Food Safety - PDF, 555k - Complete document pertaining to all aspects of BRC compliance for food safety programs.

Still have questions, or concerned about other aspects of your HAACP program? There are several excellent publications on the subject that we have found helpful in assisting our customers, including "The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety - A Guide to a Successful Audit" by Dr. Ron Kill, "HAACP: A Food Industry Briefing" by Sara Mortimore and Carol Wallace, and "HAACP: Principles and Applications" by Merle D. Pierson. In addition, there are several references on the Internet that can be useful, including the International Food Safety and Quality Network (IFSQN), The British Retail Consortium (BRC), Safety Quality Food Institute (SQF), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All of these links will take you to a new window. ADS is not responsible for the contents of the links posted on these agencies' respective sites.