Metal Detection Solutions for Food Processing and Packaging

ProScan Metal Detector

Product purity and consumer safety are critical concerns for food manufacturers.  Advanced Detection Systems line of ProScan metal detectors, including our flagship IP69K ProScan Max II, are designed to find contaminants before they can reach downstream processing equipment or worse,  your customers.  Each ProScan metal detector is engineered to provide the best possible performance for your particular application.  With over 25 years of experience, we have developed unique, patented technologies to make sure our metal detectors reliably operate at peak performance:

  • AccuLearn technology learns product effect in as few as two passes.  It also continuously updates product effect compensation to eliminate false trips caused by normal slight variations in product throughout a production shift.  You can quickly set up for new or existing products and be assured that the detector will run without problems.
  • Patented technology protects our detectors from the effects of electrical interference, vibration, case flexing, and case shock from cold conditions.  The result is superior sensitivity in any environment.
  • By having all sales, engineering, and manufacturing located in Milwaukee, WI, we are able to design and build a custom system quickly to meet your exact specifications.  You don't have to settle for a stock unit that "comes close" when you can get the best fit in the same amount of time.
  • All stainless steel, IP69K construction for the best resistance to harsh, washdown conditions is standard.  You won't have to worry about water penetration and damage to sensitive electronics.
  • Detectors are available in a wide array of configurations, including conveyor, pipeline, and gravity drop. 

Our team of experienced sales and technical engineers is ready to help you solve your metal detection problems.  Simply call us today at 414-672-0553 and we'll get started for you.

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